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Coach Celine Foelmli is a ICF Member
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How Can I
Help You?


A compass and a map serve as a metaphor that I find highly effective for explaining the various steps in my coaching approach. While each of my clients is unique, with their own concerns and agendas, the process remains quite similar. We start by gaining clarity about where we currently stand and where we aim to go before planning our route. We investigate potential obstacles, anticipate the challenges that may arise, assess the external factors like 'the weather,' and work on building the inner strength required to successfully progress towards your destination and reach your goals.

I firmly advocate for a creative and holistic approach, integrating the latest ICF methodologies, ethical standards, and industry research. This includes techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Bias, and Limiting Beliefs. Additionally, I employ a range of personality assessment tools when appropriate.

Leveraging my professional background and life experience, I specialize in coaching executives and artists in leadership and creativity management: Development & focus 
Additionally, I assist business owners in establishing their corporate identity and designing strategies to enhance communication, expand their network, and increase visibility.
I coach individuals undergoing transitions, navigating changes, career shifts, first job orientation, cultural challenges, and seeking improvement in self-confidence, communication, relationships, or wellness. My approach involves designing purposeful pathways to success tailored to their needs.

Below are the comprehensive services I offer to empower both your personal and professional life:

Executive workshop that can be hosted at your office or attended at our venues. Here is the link to check on our upcoming events.

Resources such as our Blog Articles are available at your convenience.


I'd be delighted to provide you with more details about my services and activities. Please feel free to reach out or schedule an informational call. Let's explore how I can assist you in your journey.


Warm Regards,

Celine Foelmli

individual & group consultations


360’ Personal Assessment & Growth Strategy

Unlock your Personal Mindset: 
Uncover you Self-Saboteur, limiting Beliefs and Biases Behaviours

Unlock your Creativity for your Wellbeing & Personal Development


Personal Branding

Life Transition:
Career Transition
Expat Transition
Relationships, Parenting, Teenagers
Empty Nest Syndrome

Wellness & wellbeing:

  • Unlock your Willpower & Bad habits

  • Stress & Sleep Managment 

  • Work-Life balance

  • Holistic Weight Managment


360“ Career Assessment & Growth Strategy


Unlock your Executive Mindset: 
Uncover you Self-Saboteur, limiting Beliefs and Biases Behaviours


Creativity Management:
Innovation, Brainstorming, Development & Focus


Personal Executive Branding


Effective NVC Communication:

Managed difficult Conversation


Wellness & wellbeing:

  • Stress Managment 

  • Work-Life balance


360“ Business Assessment & Growth Strategy


Unlock your Business Mindset: 
Uncover you Self-Saboteur, limiting Beliefs and Biases Behaviours


Harness your Creativity for Innovation, Success and Make Revenues


Corporate Branding


Effective NVC Communication:
Managed difficult Conversation


Group Coaching

Wellness & wellbeing:

  • Stress Managment 

  • Work-Life balance

Crisis open opportunities


Whether you are in a transition for a good or bad reason, how do you take advantage of a “new” situation whatever it is, and grow with it? 

Why work with a coach?



Working with a coach will help you to see things from a different point of view.

My Philosophy

Aristotle quoted:
“Happiness depends on ourselves.” 

More than anybody else, Aristotle enshrined happiness as a central purpose of human life and a goal in itself. As a result, he devote more space to the topic of happiness than any thinker prior to the modern era. 

Nowadays, we have references coming from different continents, not only saying that happiness is a central purpose of human life but also that having a balanced and happy life is linked with longevity. Criteria such as having a sense of belonging in society, a sense of purpose about what we are doing but also having an appropriate diet and physical exercise to keep us healthy are key factors.


Who wants to have a happy and long life?

Everyone, right? But our modern era is more about speed and technology and we do not have much time to think about what is genuinely making us happy. It is easy to be blinded or manipulated by marketing strategies that are selling their “dream world”. Easy to be pressured by time and procrastinate, or trapped chasing someone else’s goal - “The holy grail”…

The questions are: “What keeps you going?” Do you take enough time to think about it? What is your plan? Are you progressing in the right direction? Do you feel aligned? What stories are you telling yourself?

Coaching is an invitation to clarify what really matters to you, assess where you stand, identify what is holding you back, and create pathways for a bright and successful future. 

Happiness depends on yourself!

Celine Foelmli

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